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There are many reasons why someone struggles to get words out. Impairment in communication and / or swallowing is more common than you think.  So let's talk about it........ Our peak body, Speech Pathology Australia reports that right now 1.1 million Australians ( children and adults ) have difficulty communicating or being understood.  And the same number are having difficulty in swallowing. Many Australians also need help to improve their accent if English is not their first language. So do not feel alone or embarrassed with this issue. It's down right unfair that a basic human right such as communication is only thought about when it's disrupted in some way, but the good news is, together we can do something about it.


Tongue tie teaching for sounds

In it's severest form, a speech problem is a significant disability and if mild, a constant inconvenience and annoyance. However, with every speech disability, the sooner it is addressed the better the outcome. As a parent, you may find the thought of something being wrong with your child or infant terrifying. Or perhaps you, yourself have lived with a speech disorder for many years or know someone who has and didn't realise that something could be done about it. Or did your communication problem suddenly appear out of nowhere? Now don't lose hope and more importantly, don't lose more time! Initial fear and doubt is quickly replaced by relief in knowing that a speech pathologist is trained to manage the problem and provide the necessary therapy and skills to help rebuild communication confidence.


Speech pathology is not just about speech.


A speech pathologist can provide advice and guidance to persons needing improved social skills, signing or alternative and augmentative systems ( AAC ). This may involve electronic communication using devices such as ipads, smartphones, laptops or other computers to help complex communication disorders. Providing treatment for feeding disorders in infants, toddlers and preschoolers is also what we do. In fact therapy can be very helpful to people from all ages and walks of life who have difficulty with eating, drinking, chewing and swallowing.



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